The Art of Seeing, The Art of Remembering
Short-Film (Armenia, 2023)
"The Art of Seeing, The Art of Remembering" (2022) explores identity, memory, and self through the lens of visual media. Set in traditional Armenian border villages under threat from hostile neighbours, the film contrasts how teenagers and elders engage with images. The director's ethnological approach informs these choices, examining cultural practices and perspectives on both sides of the generational divide.
While teenagers view a single polaroid through the frame of social media, elders set up a community archive to preserve local history. Juxtaposing these perspectives, the film reflects on how images shape personal and collective memory. It also examines the role of visual culture in maintaining cultural identity, especially for adolescents.  
Despite adversity, the film finds hope and opportunity in intergenerational connections and basic human solidarity. "The Art of Seeing" holds up a powerful mirror, reminding audiences of our shared humanity and the importance of community in uncertain times. Subtly yet profoundly, it uses the image as the protagonist to tell a story of remembrance, resilience, and the continuing search for meaning. The director's ethnological lens provides insight into the communities' understanding of identity, memory, and self.
The film is entered into various film festivals and has won a number of accolades. The film will go for public release as soon as reasonably possible. 
Exhibition Catalogue 
If you wish to commission an article on my work on Memory, Identity and Self and/or Community Archives, I can make a private link to the film available for your perusal. Thank you.
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